McGraw-Hill Books

As a freelancer, I produced layouts for the interiors of ten fifth-grade readers for McGraw-Hill/Wright Group (now McGraw-Hill Education) and the ten accompanying teachers’ editions. The student editions adapted articles from Kids Discover magazine into a set of 36-page books (32 plus cover). Design rules were set by lead designer Linda Chandler, then materials were handed off to me. Kids Discover provided much hi-res material, but when images were not available I was free to choose replacements from Getty Images. Now out of print, but extremely rewarding and fun to create. My titles:

  • Becoming Modern America (ISBN 1-4045-2978-0)
  • Blown Away: Forces of Nature (ISBN 1-4045-2979-9)
  • Digging into the Past (ISBN 1-4045-2976-4)
  • Ecology: Earth’s Balancing Act (ISBN 1-4045-2986-1)
  • Good Sport: Games, Sports, and Festivals (ISBN 1-4045-2984-5)
  • Inventions: Stronger, Faster, Better (ISBN 1-4045-2989-6)
  • It’s Alive: Earth’s Plants and Animals (ISBN 1-4045-2985-3)
  • Staying Power: Tales of Survival (ISBN 1-4045-2993-4)
  • Transportation: Going, Going, Gone (ISBN 1-4045-2994-2)
  • Westward Ho! (ISBN 1-4045-2982-9)