Lead Gen: National Association

The National Association of Landscape Professionals sought highly-qualified leads for new memberships. The most likely candidates were certain types of business owners who wanted to receive association email. Three deliverables of equal value were provided.

I narrowed prospects to about 20K. I needed to set up a three-tier campaign in order ask enough questions to define those “certain types” of business owners. However, one 20K funneled three-tier campaign with 20% performance at each step only converts 160 on the first tier, one on the second, and none on the third. So I needed to build multiple funnels.

Seven landing pages serviced 11 targeted emails. Within two months, the campaign yielded 948 conversions with 436 electing to receive further email. 790 had downloaded one deliverable, 117 had downloaded two, and 41 had downloaded three. These results successfully ended the campaign months ahead of schedule.