Amazon Kindle E-Book

October 12, 2017

After completing production of the print edition, I did the coding conversion for the Kindle edition of Market Power and Market Manipulation in Energy Markets, available on Amazon. An export utility developed for Adobe InDesign was used to create the base files, which were then hand-coded to resolve translation...

Fortnightly Concept Covers

These are some of my favorite Fortnightly magazine concept covers. Fortnightly primarily analyzes trends and issues within the electric utility industry. Concept covers were used to differentiate the magazine from competitors. When this approach was being used to promote the lead article, presentations varied from high-quality photography to bold...

Electricity Acts Cover

Electricity Acts

September 27, 2017

Electricity Acts by Leonard S. Hyman, ISBN 978-0-910325-38-7, published July 2017. Layout/design for the cover and interior. The publisher, Public Utilities Reports, wanted a fresh treatment, and the author asked for an eye-catching cover. The author suggested several excellent concepts, but producing them would exceed the budget. I sketched...

American Nurseryman Cover

American Nurseryman: Bad Bugs

September 27, 2017

“Tracking the Bad Bugs” is an oldie, but a great example of a cover with a custom illustration that came together quickly. The only images available for the cover story were small images of the bugs, but somehow they needed to be presented in an attractive and compelling way...

Plausible Futures

Fortnightly: Plausible Futures

September 27, 2017

The cover story was about the growth and future of the electric power industry. I found this stock photo twist on the light-bulb motif at iStock that I thought would work perfectly. The image was approved, with tinting and cropping. The concept/image pairing won an American Inhouse Design Award,...